Welcome to Abby's Diet, Diabetic and Weight Watcher Recipes for those on Weight Loss Programs including Atkins
Abby's Easy and Simple Recipes - Diet and Diabetic Recipes


Red bean, navy bean, pinto bean, green bean, black bean, lima bean, white bean recipes that have been collected from box tops, cans, newspapers, magazines and friends over the years.

Abby's Diet, Diabetic and Weight Watcher Recipes for those
on Weight Loss Programs including Atkins

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This is a collection of diet recipes that have been collected over the years.  This is my attempt to organize all those recipes from from box tops, magazines, newspaper, friends and all those little pieces of paper that have been accumulated for a number of years. Weight Watcher points on the diet pages have been calculated with a Weight Watcher calculator from the nutritional information given with the recipe

Main Dishes
Beef with Mushrooms - 3 points
Chile Cheese Casserole - 6 points
Crispy Baked Chicken - 5 points
Grilled Vegetable Kabobs with Rice - 3 points
Ham Asparagus Brunch Bake - 5 points
Herb and Garlic Fish - 6 points
Lemon Catfish Rice Salad - 6 points
Quesadillas -1 point
Sour Cream Chicken - 7 points
Southwestern Oven Fried Chicken - 6 points
Stuffed Chicken Breasts - 5 points
Stuffed Peppers - 6 Points
Turkey and Mellon Roll-Ups - 1 Point
Vegetable Soup - 2 Points

Rice and Pasta Recipes
Fried Rice and Pasta - 2 points
Fruity Rice Salad - 5 points
Broccoli and Rice Quiche - 3 points
Red Beans and Rice - 6 points

Rice Pudding - 6 points

Salads, Vegetable and Fruit Recipes
Black and White Bean Salad - 2 points
Carrot and Parsley Salad - 2 points
Cole Slaw Dressing - 3 points
Cranberry and Celery Salad - 0 points
Cucumber Salad - 1 point
Hash Brown Zucchini - 4 points
Herb Salad - 0 points
Oven Fried Zucchini Chips - 1 point
Spinach and Orange Salad - 2 points
Spinach with Bacon and Mushrooms -2 points
Strawberry Spinach Salad - 4 points
Wild Rice and Mushroom Dijon Salad - 4 points
Wilted Lettuce with Feta Cheese Salad - 3 Points

Dips and Sauces
Deviled Dip - 1 point
Layered Mexican Dip - 1 point
Mexicali Bean Dip - 2 points
Quick Fruit Dip - 1 point
Tuna Dip - 1 point

Applesauce Cupcakes - 4 points
Baked Papaya with Cinnamon - 2 points
Cranberry Pear Crisp - 4 points
Dream Pie - 4 points
Egg Custard - 4 Points
Fudge Brownies - 1 point
Mini Rice Cake Tartlets - 1 point
Sweet Tortilla Crisp - 1 point

Spiced Almonds - 3 points