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Christmas, A Season of Memories
by Eva Fry

CHRISTMAS TIME – A SEASON OF MEMORIES By Eva Fry Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Christmas is one of the happiest seasons of our life. It gathers us together as families, where we create special loving traditions and so many loving memories. We all have special remembrances of Christmas’s past. I would like to share with you some of my memories. Christmas has changed for me through the years. I am a grandma now and enjoy special Christmas’s with my grown children and their families. I watch them create lasting memories for their little ones. I am reminded of those happy times when my precious children were still home with us and of the Christmas’s we had together. How I miss those special times.

My song “Christmas Wish” says what is in my heart. If I could have one Christmas wish, I’d go back in time, When our children all were young and they were home with us. We’d decorate the house with lights, put up the Christmas tree, Bake cookies; sing Christmas carols in the neighborhood. Make gifts for the ones we love; wrap them really nice, Laugh, kiss and hug a lot, we’d have so much fun. I’d read the story of Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem In the manger we’d carefully lay the Savior in. Christmas Eve we’d hold them tight, our hearts filled with love Give thanks for our family, our special gift from God. We’d tuck them safely into bed, fill the stockings full, Peek in at our sleeping babes; angels without wings. Eyes would sparkle Christmas morn’ when Dad turned on the lights, Santa left so many gifts; cookies and milk were gone. Opening gifts was the best of all; parcels ripped apart, Finding their special wish, jumping up and down. I’d bake the turkey as they played with the toys they got, We’d feast together on food and love, what a heavenly day. The memories of those special days many years ago Seem like only yesterday; life was filled with joy. If I could have one Christmas wish, I’d go back in time, When our children all were young and they were home with us.

Not only does Christmas bring back memories of my precious children but also memories or my dear mother who passed away October 18, 2002. She was 86 years old and life had not been easy for but she did her best to make our lives happy. The most favorite memories of my mother were the wonderful Christmas’s she created for my brother, sister and I. She always made Christmas beautiful and exciting, in spite of our alcoholic father who played havoc with our lives, whenever he got drunk, especially at Christmas time. My mother seemed to have a mission to make things right for us each Christmas. Every year she would open a charge account at Zellers, to buy us gifts. My father gave her no money. We were poor because of his addiction. She bought us needed things like socks and underwear but always something special. I remember the red leather loose-leaf binder she gave me when I was 10. We kids did not know it then but for the rest of the year mom paid off her charge account with cash she could squeeze from her food money. Each new season she started over with another Christmas charge account. Mom did not let us see the tree before Christmas morning, an old family tradition. My kids now have their tree up at least two weeks before Christmas. But never the less, when I was young the first viewing of the tree was glorious. One Christmas Eve, when my dad was drunk, he took a Christmas tree from a lot, which had closed for the night, and hauled it home, dragging it behind him. We lived in Canada and the tree was frozen. When he brought it into our house to thaw it out; my mother was made aware of why no one had purchased it. The tree had only a few branches. My mother sent him back for another tree, which was equally as bare, so they tied the two together. Mom would stay up all night carefully decorating the tree and wrapping our gifts. She always had a knack of doing things perfectly. She made a special effort to choose the most beautiful paper she could afford and each gift had a bright ribbon and bow. She was dedicated to bringing excitement to our eyes, Christmas morning, when she turned on the lights to our gorgeous tree, laden with so many gifts from Santa. Her reward came when she saw the enjoyment we had as we ripped open each treasure. Often our father was too hung over to get up with us to open gifts and would later head out the day to be with his buddies but our mother made sure out Christmas was special. We always went to grandma and grandpa’s house for a turkey feast with all our relatives.

This Christmas I am especially grateful for my loving mother who sacrificed so much for her family and created Christmas memories and traditions, which I see being passed down to my grandchildren. I will miss her dearly.

In all of our own lives we have special Christmas memories and I have one more which I will never forget.

I call it “The Miracle of the Pinecones.” Just before Christmas, several years ago, my five-year-old grandson, Jesse, and I were in Julian California where my husband was completing a job. As we wondered below the spectacular pine trees we saw pinecones lying on the They were large and magnificent; My grandson loved them and wanted to take some home, so we gathered them up. I wondered what we could create with them. As I held one up and turned it upside down I realized it looked like a perfect Christmas tree, only brown. I found my Christmas snow and sprayed it white. Right before our eyes the pinecone turned into a tree covered with a blanket of snow. We then decided to decorate it. I found sequins of all colors. When we touched them to the snow they stuck. The pinecones became jewel covered Christmas trees. Jesse and I had so much fun making trees that we encouraged my mother, his great-grandmother to get involved and we spent an afternoon making beautiful trees. What a wonderful memory I have of my mother and grandson working together creating multicolored treasures. I took a picture with my heart. We had so many trees and wondered what to do with them all. We gave some to family members and recruited them to go Christmas caroling in the neighborhood. I took another picture with my heart, of little Jesse singing ‘Away in a Manger’ and then and then proudly giving his precious tree to a smiling neighbor. We still had trees to give and I wondered what to do with them. That year I taught the 16-year-old Sunday school class at my church. I wondered if I could combine my teenagers and the trees into a service project that would bring the spirit of Christmas to these young people. There was a senior care home across from our Church. I inquired if they would allow me to bring my teenagers in to sing Christmas carols to their residences and distribute the remaining Christmas trees. The home gave me their approval and thanks. When I presented my idea to my students I was not prepared for their response. Some of them were not excited about the idea. Actually, I think, many of them were just embarrassed to sing in front of each other. But I assured them it would be a nice thing to do and armed each one with a tree, the boys as well as the girls. We set out on our mission. When we stepped into the first room of the care home, my young people were a little timid but did sing a weak verse of “Silent Night”, except for one big boy who stood in the back of the room and would not sing. One of them handed their tree to the grateful patient and we left. As we worked our way from room to room the teenagers gradually warmed up, when they saw the smiles and tears on the faces of those dear old souls, except for the boy in the back. Their singing got louder and more in tune and they couldn’t wait to rush to the next room. I will always remember the 95-year old man, who had been confined to bed for several years, accepting his Christmas tree from a group of excited teenagers. I took another picture. When we had given out the trees the young people were satisfied and happy. They felt the Christmas spirit and didn’t want to leave. They knew the joy they had given the patients. We finally headed for the door. Along the way we met a sad little lady sitting in the hallway in her wheelchair. When she spotted those noisy, laughing teenagers a smile came across her toothless face and she held up her feeble arms hoping to give them a hug. My wonderful teenagers formed a line and each one of them bent down and give her a big hug. Another picture! When we got outside the building, we discovered that the teenage boy, who had stayed in the back of each room and would not sing, was missing. I went back into the building to find him and it was then that I took the most memorable picture, with my heart. There, in the hallway, was the big muscular boy, on his knees, in the arms of that dear little 100-year-old lady. He had his strong, but gentle arms rapped around her frail little body. Tears were streaming down both their faces. On her lap was the pinecone Christmas tree he had carried throughout the home and had been too embarrassed to give. That year love came in the form of a pinecone tree. We all have so much to be grateful for as we create Christmas memories and traditions within our families How blest we all are. This Christmas we have more reasons to look for the good things of life and be thankful for all we are blessed with, in spite of events of the world. We must remember that Christmas is a season of giving and of gratefulness. I wrote a song to help encourage all of us and help us know what we can do this Christmas to make a difference in our world.

What Can I Do To Help? There’s so much sadness and so much pain. What can I do to help? There’s so much anger and hatred. What can I do to help? I can cherish my freedom, In this country I love. I can bring comfort to someone. I can do all that I should. There’s so much hurt and confusion. What can I do to help? There’s so much sorrow and worry. What can I do to help? I can love my brother; I can do a kind deed. I can care for another; I can get down on my knees. There’s so much sadness and so much pain. What can I do to help? There’s so much anger and hatred? What can I do to help? I can fight against evil and the suffering it brings I can always to God’s will, so peace can come to our world I can always do God’s will so peace can come to our world.

Thank you for letting me share my special memories of the happiest season of my life. I pray we will all remember the reason for our Christmas Season and do all we can to bring peace and happiness to our families and to our world and enjoy our own traditions and be grateful for this Christmas, a season of memories.

Eva Fry may be contacted at http://www.evafry.com  eva@evafry.com Eva Fry's mission is to help others become better and happier. She is an inspirational author, singer/songwriter/ motivational speaker and seminar leader. Eva has two books published YOU MUST HAVE A DREAM-for seniors, BE A WINNER IN LIFE-for kids, troubled kids and their parents. She has produced music 7 CD's - "Remember" - new music for seniors and "Oh What Joy, Christmas". "The Little Things" (Inspirational Contry), "I Love Living The Teachings of The Lord." "Classical Style", Instrumental Music. Her music and books can be purchased on her web site www.evafry.com. She invites you to use the free articles she has written, available on her web site, for at- risk kids, as well as help for others with life's challenges and inspiration to live in our world today. Her articles have been publised, all over the world, in many publications. www.evafry.com eva@evafry.com  Booking for shows and presentations 760-749-4354

Gourmet Centerpieces
by Celebrating Christmas

A Holiday Dinner Party or for that matter, any Dinner party, calls for some creative ideas for table centerpieces. An elegant centerpiece is as important a part of your dinner table, as the rest of the table decoration, serveware or even the food itself! Bring a creative twist to all your dinner parties this season, by displaying abundant and fabulous Gourmet Centerpieces instead of the usual flowers, candles etc. Instead, use flowers, candles, berries, ornaments etc. to accessorize the table decor. Place them with place mats or name cards to enliven the table. Leave the centerpiece for a majestic creation from your kitchen.
There can never be a dearth of ideas for magnificent looking gourmet food from any kitchen. Still, we, at Celebrating-Christmas.com bring to you, some ideas and tips, just to get you started.

1. The main course of your dinner party can be a great choice for a centerpiece. The traditional Roast, Stuffed Turkey, for example, makes a wonderful centerpiece.

2. 'Accessorize' your main course with other gourmet tid-bits. In the above example of a roast turkey, you may circle the turkey with mini kebabs, stuffed mushrooms, marinated olives, fresh veggies, baby tomatoes, baby potatoes etc. Garnish each little piece for adding more color to your centerpiece.

3. Desserts are another great choice for centerpieces. Trifles, Puddings, when prepared for a fairly large number of persons, make a lovely sight.

4. If you decide to choose your desserts as centerpieces, be sure to put an extra effort into the garnishing. Desserts can be topped with whipped cream, custard sauce, fruit preserves etc. and garnished with berries, mint leaves, crushed nuts etc. If using clear glass bowls for desserts like fruit trifle etc., decorate the empty bowl first by piping softened jam on the circumference of the walls. This will give off a lovely 'layered' look when viewed from the outside of the trifle bowl.

5. Cakes are eternal favorites as Centerpieces. Use a beautifully decorated cake, complete with a cake topper, for a delicious looking centerpiece. Beautiful Cake Stands, available easily in stores, can be used to hold the cake. For a timeless, classic look, place cakes on 3 tiered Cake Stands. For Christmas, a 'Buche De Noel' or simply, a 'Yule Log Cake' makes a beautiful centerpiece.

6. Place a bowl of sparkling fruit for a wholesome and elegant centerpiece. Wash and clean all the fruits before arranging them in the bowl. Creatively, alternate frosted, glazed or plain fruit and ornaments in layers. You can also arrange the fruits on a tiered Cake Stands.

7. If you cannot think of dish from your dinner menu to be of the proper size and look, for a centerpiece, you can creatively use certain smaller sized items, too. For e.g., you can arrange appetizers, miniature puddings, muffins, candy etc. on tiered Cake Stands. All you need to keep in mind to make this arrangement an attractive one, is to play with color. Alternate food items on a color theme.

8. For a cocktail party, a perfect centerpiece will be a glass bowl filled with crushed ice carrying bright colored wine bottles. Drop a few berries and/or mint leaves to add more color.

Gourmet Centerpieces, besides being very attractive, are also very practical. More often than not, Dinner Tables are short of space with all that large number of items on your menu, serving pieces, dinnerware, mats etc. It is possible that you run out of space for a centerpiece. Gourmet centerpieces will neither take up any extra space on your table nor too much of your time. Only a little effort is needed to decorate and garnish them attractively. And last but not the least, at all times, take time to view your creation from all angles to ensure that it makes a wonderful sight to everyone watching it.

Celebrating Christmas may be contacted at http://www.celebrating-christmas.com lata@celebrating-christmas.com. Click here to view more of their articles.
Article Copyright Celebrating-Christmas.com: Your Guide to Celebrating Christmas in Style.

Visit us at http://www.celebrating-christmas.com for Christmas Crafts, Recipes, Dinner Menu Ideas, Party Planning Tips, Gift Ideas, Holiday Decorating Tips, Holiday Planning and Organizing Checklists, Christmas contests, free downloads, kids' fun and much more holiday stuff.

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